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Frank is a life long seaman, having had an early career in the commercial fishing business in Cape May, NJ before finding a safer vocation and making time on the water a hobby. Mary Marie grew up in the hills of West Virginia, but has, in mid-life, discovered her inner sailor. In May of 2013 they moved aboard the Eleanor Q for a two year coastal cruising adventure. 

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  1. Tina Ruchser
    Jun 3 2013

    Congratulations! This looks terrific! Would love to see you when you are in the AC area – the boys would get quite a kick out of your adventure and your new floating home! Please email me when you are close!! Safe travels.

  2. May 1 2016

    Greetings! I learned about this blog through Nicole “Coley” (And what a talented, beautiful and popular young lady she is!) because I am recently now part of the Culinary Content Network. I live in Annapolis as well and have a galley cooking food blog, We have a J42 that we keep in Spa Creek. We used to live aboard a Panda 38 where we had our first daughter. I feel we need to meet! I would love to connect! Galleypirates@ or

  3. Hello, We would like to talk with you about our new sailing apparel line for cold sailors can you please see our website at and contact me. Thank you, Sydney

    • Dec 9 2017

      Hi Sydney. What would be the nature of your conversation? Just to share info about your line? If it is a sales call, I’ll take a pass.

  4. Sorry, I missed this, we are working to save the oceans and also have a nonprofit that does water testing for Berkeley Labs and we are also partnering with a company in San Francisco that provides nets to pick up plastic in the ocean. We do beach cleanups monthly. We are putting together a gallery of photos of plastic pollution in our waters that we want to have travel to schools and libraries. We are asking sailors to submit their photos. We are doing many things. We also make beautiful sailing clothing that is sustainable and made in LA. We are trying to spread the word throughout the sailing community. Not sure if that helps.


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